11 Foods Help Lose Weight in the Summer

These are foods that help promote metabolism, create satiation and less appetite which help a lot for weight loss.

1. Soup:

Soup that is made from high fiber vegetables to help reduce hunger. It has low calorie so you can have a large amount with no worry. In hot summer, soup is probably the most suitable dish as it helps reduce the body inner heat as well.

2. Watermelon:

Watermelon contains plenty of water for your body. It also increases your ability to lose more calories.

3. Strawberries:

They have high fiber, lots of nutrients for your body and your skin. On top of that, they contain very little amount of calories.

4. Grilled Vegetables:

Grilled vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers, onions … are often served with BBQ. They are low calories and fat, which helps balance out all the protein from the BBQ.

5. Grilled Seafood:

The easiest way to lose weight is to have the right amount of protein at meals. Digesting protein also consumes more calories.

Grilled fish provides good protein in meals. It also contains Omega-3 that is really good for your health and helps reduce weight.

6. Cucumber:

Cucumbers contain plenty of water. Hence, it helps prevent the body from being dehydrated and hungry.

7. Tomatoes:

They also contain plenty of water. Their sweet and sour taste adds great flavor to the dishes.

8. Avocado:

This type of fruit contains less sugar, more fiber and healthy fats.

9. Raspberry:

Raspberries contain very little amount of sugar. Therefore, they help control blood sugar while reducing hunger.

10. Pineapple:

This fruit contains two types of beneficial enzymes that help digest food, promote metabolism.

11. Frozen fruits:

When eating cold food, your metabolism must work hard to “warm” them, so it will consume more calories. Therefore, you should leave the fruit in the fridge for a while before having them to increase their effectiveness.

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