Eat a variety of meals on help lose weight?

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There is no exact number that confirms how many meals of the day or how a combination of food will help you lose weight.

So far, how many meals in the day is still controversial. Those loyal to the three-day diet give that eating more meals will make you consume more calories, from which it is easy to gain weight. Meanwhile, those who eat 5-6 meals/day protests that eat a lot of small meals help to lose weight by strengthening the metabolism in the body.

Weight loss does not depend on the number of meals

There is no exact number that confirms how many meals of the day or how a combination of food will help you lose weight. The majority of nutritionist experts agree that the time gap between meals should not be too big. However, this is not meant to encourage you to eat the brake drop. Nor force you to eat 5-6 meals full per day.

According to the American Nutrition Association, whether you eat 3 or 6 meals a day, the weight loss also depends on the amount of food you consume. The weight of the body is decided by the calorie absorption minus the intake of calorie consumed.

When should I eat a few small meals of the day?

Eating a lot of small meals can bring certain benefits of health to some people. If you are not regularly eating a full, or fasting all day and eat only at dinner, a small meal of the day will be a good choice for you.

However, it should limit the calorie intake to each meal that is between 200-500 calorie (depending on your workout mode).

In general, although eating 3 or 6 meals a day, you should maximize the nutrients in each meal. Try to avoid just eating foods that contain more calories or cool meats, rich fat snacks.

Foods that are low in nutrients and rich in calorie, like doughnut cakes, are easy to make the blood sugar soaring. Then descend quickly, making you feel more cravings soon.

Additionally, it should add starch like whole grains, proteins, types of nuts or low-fat cheeses to balance the nutrients for the meal.

Do not force yourself to eat without hunger. If you are trying to eat a lot of small meals every day, avoid eating when it has seen No. You should also learn how to listen to your body. Adjust the smaller meal portion if the show is No. If you feel that eating 3 meals is moderate to your body, you should maintain this mode. As long as it is guaranteed to absorb enough of the necessary nutrients.

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