Lose weight, fight cancer with apple juice

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-Apple juice contains many minerals, nutrition, antioxidants should be very beneficial to the body. In particular, it also has 2 outstanding uses, weight loss and anti-cancer.

Here are the 6 outstanding effects of apple juice.

1. Rich in antioxidants

In apple juice it is rich in vitamins A, necessary for eyes. Besides, apple juice presses have high vitamin C intake – a good antioxidant for immune system and body. Consequently, this type of juice helps to prevent diseases such as cancer and stroke.

When you combine apple juice with mint juice that will help strengthen overall health. Also in the juice apple juice also has a small amount of vitamin K, vitamin B1, B2, B3, vitamin E very good for the body.

2. Effective weight Loss

If you are dieting then apple juice has very good effect in weight loss. Apple juice has a greased effect, weight loss by fat in the apple is negligible, virtually non-protein should provide less calories.

Apples have a low levels of malic acid and are easily dispersed in the body should be a way to reduce fat effectively. So if you drink apple juice every day will have a fat reduction and excess fat effect of your body. Besides, apple juice also helps the body fight coughs and colds.

3. Good for digestion

Apple juice is very good for the digestive system. In apple juice rich in soluble fiber and insoluble. Pectin (which is one of the insoluble fiber) in apple juice has the ability to wash away heavy metals from harm to the body.

In addition, Pectin also has a good role in the bowel, which helps in preventing constipation. Apple juice is also preventable against other gastrointestinal diseases such as excess acid and acid reflux. Juices Apple is regarded as the “method” of natural treatment of heartburn.

4. Treatment of anemia

Apple juice can help to treat the chronic condition of anemia. If you suffer from anemia, drinking the juice of Apple 2 times daily can help strengthen the hemoglobin concentration (composition of the red sphere) of the body.

Apple juice pressure also brings a lot of benefits to pregnant women who are anemia… If you don’t want to drink apple juice, you can mix more honey for easy drinking.

5. Reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body

Pure apple juice has the effect to help you reduce the bad cholesterol levels (lipoproteins), avoid arterial atherosclerosis and prevent blood clotting formation in the body. helps prevent cardiovascular and cerebral diseases. Special apple juice is beneficial to women who have high cholesterol levels and diabetes.

6. Good for arthritis

Apple juice which contains high mineral content, including: calcium, phosphorus, silicon, magnesium… good for the skin beauty, hair, nails. Apple juice is also good for women with muscular weakness, inflammation of the arthritis and joint pain due to the very rich potassium.

Potassium will relieve the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, this is the reason apple juice is very good for the elderly. In apple juice there are prime boron (boron) for healthy bone.

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