The Best Way to Gain Muscle: Gaining It Fast and Gaining It Safely

By Marcus Lee Keng Lung

What a beginning bodybuilder must know about the best way to gain muscle is to discover how not to do it. The most significant mistake about muscle and body building is in following the advanced routines advised in bodybuilding magazines. For the amateur, the best way to gain muscle is to try the technique fitted to beginners. By doing this, muscle will build at the fastest possible time while avoiding too much strain on the physical and mental systems.

To get the most out of each workout, the body should start strength training. When the body is strong, it can build more muscles. Weight training is a good way to gain strength as the bodybuilder could start his training using only light weights, after which he can add weights subsequently to an almost infinite degree. The best way to gain muscle is to begin with an easy load but constantly progressing, subjecting the body further than its comfort zone every time. One must focus his attention on boosting the workout intensity, and not on the amount of time spent doing unnecessary exercises.

Making use of free weights and not nautical machines is the best way to gain muscle. This is mainly because that machines force the body into rigid and unnatural postures and patterns of movement, which not only increase susceptibility to injury, but also cause incorrect physical development. Instead, free weights like barbells and dumbbells encourage natural muscular movement. Moreover, these free weights also compel the limbs to naturally balance and control them, which leads to the building of more muscle. Machines, alternatively, do all the balancing, thus depriving the body of part of its development.

The best way to gain muscle in the stages of training is by performing compound exercises that train numerous muscles all at one time, for these workouts are more beneficial compared to exercises that grow only a single muscle at any one time. The most important exercise with regards to this point is squat training enough where one reaches three hundred pounds. The squatting exercise tenses every single muscle of the bodybuilder and works it as a single united component. Dead lifting, along with squatting, is also the best way to gain muscle in the arms. A full body workout program is also suggested as the best way to gain muscle overall.

It is essential to rest to have the best way to gain muscle. The growth of muscles occurs when the body is resting, which also facilitates in recovery. Furthermore, it is during sleep that growth hormones are released for muscle buildup. Sleep no less than eight hours and nap following the workout if possible.

Eat healthily, eat a lot and put on weight. The body will need all the resources it can get, such as protein for muscle buildup, without which the muscles cannot grow. The best way to gain muscle is not to go on a slimming diet.

And last of all, the best way to gain muscle is by persistence and long-lasting effort, never surrendering until the goal is attained.

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