Top things that cause obesity

-List of dishes that make us gain weight, you must have mastered “in the palm” then, right? But that’s not enough, though. The potential around us has a lot of harmful substances that can cause teens to get obese without anyone knowing it! Come and see!

Anti-stick Products

Anti-adhesive products are derived from chemical named perfluorotanoic acid (PFAA) or also known as Teflon used in household products such as pots, anti-adhesive pans, packaging of food lining… Although no one knows but the main substances in this product are the cause of obesity when they cook the food. Therefore, it is remembered to remind three, their parents and relatives should not use the products that have been resistant to anti-adhesive, not directly to the food packets in the water of cooking (teen we are very well-stocked into the spice package Instant noodles that decent!). They don’t just make a weight increase but also harm our whole health!


It may sound strange, but this type of chemical can be directly lost to hormones that are in our body, it promotes the hormone more secretively, as our bodies lose feeling no leads to impossible control over the amount of food that enters the body. The most influential are the organochlorine and carbamates insecticides that are often in the mosquito sprays, that kill insects…

To prevent these harmful chemicals, they should be noted for the following:

-Wash thoroughly clean vegetables, fruits, berries to avoid insecticides saved.

-Do not eat the unknown origin food.

-Stay away from the medium spraying area of mosquito sprays, minimum insecticides from 6 – 8 hours from spray.

-If you have to direct the spray, then remember to wear a thorough mask!

Canned tomatoes

Almost, at present the food is boxed to cater to everyone’s needs. But they know, it’s the plastic boxes that have contributed to the body we’ve been obese for. Plastic lining of tomato sauce containers contain bisphenol-a substances, a synthetic estrogen type that involves cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Unfortunately, the acidity (a striking characteristic of tomatoes) helps the BPA go warm into the food easily and faster. The study also showed that BPA has in the body who will interrupt fat cells along the pancreatic function that cause insulin resistance resulting in weight gain, obesity. In addition, it also reduces the number of sperm produced, which causes infertility in XY.


The PCB stands for the phrase polybrominated biphenyls, showing many places that have been banned because it is dangerous for humans and the environment. This substance is usually applied in paper printing production technology, glue, additives in paints… The PCB often enters the body through the most food as fish, meat… when wrapped in paper types or substances will be infected with food in the processing process from the kitchen appliances. When invading into the body, they will increase the weight, obesity in teen. To limit the PCB poisoning, they should avoid eating fast and prepared foods. Please replace them with organic foods, ensuring food safety, especially green vegetables and fruit nhé!

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